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BBlited Alternative: Browse Unlimitedly On 9Mobile For N400

9Mobile has a new free browsing trick in which you can browse unlimitedly for 2 hours. After glo blocked the Glo free browsing which helped many in downloading large files, we had to go back to 9Mobile 60MB capped daily.

As said in the title, this is a BBlited alternative, and you will need SAS{ Simple android server} for this tweak. Most of us who aren’t new to free browsing will remember MTN BBlited that helped us last two years via SAS. This plan is valid for 2 hours which should be used wisely. So for those who love downloading of Movies, games and big files can benefit from this.

Note: I will show you the subscription code and settings for SAS. And I will as well share the settings for Anonytun. The reason I recommend SAS is because it is very reliable and stable, so to be on a safe side, download both apps [SAS and Anonytun respectively}.

Subscription code:

  1. Recharge your 9Mobile sim with N400
  2. Now dial *200# and select 3, three times.
  3. You will see pop ups like this > Data > SmartPak > 2 Hours Video Streaming
  4. You will see another pop up with > Buy Now at N400.
Now let’s see the configuration for SAS { Simple Android Server } and Anonytun respectively. As said earlier, download the two apps to be on a safe side…

Settings SAS[ simple android server] :

Settings AnonyTun:

It should show the text below if not repeat the steps again or you can copy the text below and paste it there for fast settings….

POST http://myaccount.google.com
HTTP/1.1[crlf] Host: myaccount.google.com[crlf] Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf] User-Agent: [ua][crlf] [crlf]

Now click save and connect.

This is how you can browse free for  2 hours with just N400. You can also repeat the subscription more than ones in a day if it expires. Now share this post with family and friends so as to reach those who are in need of free browsing. If you have any question, comment below and also if it works for you drop your testimonies below to encourage me to want to do more. Thanks for coming and looking forward to your comments.


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Posted by on September 2, 2017.


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